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Often overlooked, outdoor lighting can add value to your property, increase safety and create an atmosphere that will give your guests that welcome feeling.

Creating an outdoor room is a perfect place to start. Already have the BBQ and a patio table? By simply adding a BBQ light or a portable lamp, you have already begun creating your outdoor living space.

Layering outdoor lighting, just like you would do in the interior, will create even more ambience to your space. Maybe add an outdoor fan, a pendant or a chandelier over your table and you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space well beyond sunset.

Gardens are the perfect place to use accent lights; add some fun or make a statement and create some drama. Consider up lighting your favorite old tree or try moonlighting from that same tree. (Be sure to take care when selecting products that will be mounted in trees; you will want to use mounting apparatuses that will not do any damage.)

Play with the fixture positions before you do the final install. Try both front lighting and back lighting shrubs to see how the brightness and contrast change. Notice how different the plants look when you move the lights to different locations? Create shadows, highlight architectural details, direct the viewer’s eye through your space…have some fun with it!

Lighting stairs and pathways is important for the security and safety of your guests. Especially important if the path is hard to navigate or has obstacles in the way. People feel safe and comfortable when they can see the area around them. Use lights that will evenly illuminate the space; patterns of light and dark can make it more difficult for some to navigate the path.

Landscape lighting is available in both low voltage and 120 volts. Low voltage can be easily installed by the homeowner, while 120 volt will require a qualified electrician to install.

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