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We apologize for the temporary closure of our web store. There are some code issues with processing payments. We will notify you once those issues have been resolved. Please feel free to contact us with any product questions or pricing. Or, just come on by the physical store! We are located at: 1401 SE Morrison, Portland OR 97214. We are open Tuesday through Saturday and are closed Sunday and Monday. Our phone is: 503.719.5011 or email: [email protected]

Porteco_LogoDo you ever wonder what the story is behind a logo, a brand, a slogan? How did they come up with that idea? A customer asked that very question the other day and it occurred to us that is has been a long time since we have shared our story.

Porteco spelled with an E instead of an I is pronounced Portico. Porteco with an E is a spelling created to obtain a domain name. It does get more and more difficult to get those .com URLs. However you wish to pronounce it (PortEco, PorTeco, Porteco) is fine with us!  …we get many variations.

The name Porteco also has many meanings for us: It is short for Portland Eco Lighting which matches our business philosophy perfectly, Lighting for Sustainable Living. The word portico (or in this case Porteco) is an entrance, a new beginning. Which is exactly what our customers are experiencing when they buy a new home, remodel a space, or simply buy a new lamp. It is an entrance into something new and rewarding.

What about those three vertical bars on the logo? They represent the colonnade or the support to the entrance. Porteco Lighting is here to support you through the entire process of lighting your environment.

The blue circle represents the earth and the green print represents the ECO aspect of our business. Lighting for Sustainable Living; we only have one earth and we need to protect it with quality, efficient and sustainable lighting practices.

So that is our story behind the logo and why the name is spelled the way it is!

edison-with-bulbLight is a fundamental part of human life, it enables us to see the world around us. Once our days were limited by the sun’s natural light, today artificial light sources allow us to live our lives 24/7. The first artificial light source was invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison – the incandescent light bulb. The use of this new light source was limited to larger cities until 1935 when the Rural Electric Administration (REA) started bringing electricity to the masses.

The turn of the century also brought new innovations to the construction industry as the first skyscrapers were built. We now had large buildings and needed to light them. We installed thousands of the new incandescent light bulbs and we burned thousands of watts of power. Life was good, we could see and perform our tasks well into the night, we no longer had to fear deadly fires caused by lanterns and we had a renewable power resource in hydroelectric dams. And so it went until the invention of the fluorescent light bulb in 1938.

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C7947Are you thinking about getting a new chandelier before the Holiday season? Don’t get caught in an “Oh No!” Figure out the right size for your room and/or dining table before you buy. Find everything you need to know to size your chandelier on our FAQ page. And, be sure to check our chandeliers or pendants in our store. Happy shopping!

LEUCOS_LightYourHeart_Invito AWe thought this was so much fun that we just had to share it with you! Taken from a memo published by the President of the Leucos Sales Organization:

We wanted to share some news with you from our colleagues in Italy. Their Light Your heart initiative, which called upon designers to reinvent the iconic Great JJ light and raised funds for childhood illness research, recently culminated in a gala/auction in Padua, Italy on September 13th…   the custom lights by Arik Levy, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Karim Rashid, Chris Bangle, Flavio Manzoni, Jozeph Forakis, Patrick Jouin, Roberto Paoli, Satoshi Umeno and Valerio Cometti were auctioned off at the event. The Light Your Heart program officially kicked off at Euroluce this past spring, when the lights popped up in storefronts around Milan’s Zona Tortona. The one-of-a-kind Great JJs also made their mark on Venice’s Marco Polo airport over the summer.

We too commend Leucos’ Italian associates on their commitment to such a great cause! And we love the lamps!!

thankyouThe Dogs for Cats fundraiser was a great success! Despite the rain, lots of fun was had by all. We had a few downpours but that didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm; we raised over $600 for the House of Dreams!! The House of Dreams has become a favorite organization; they are a local, all volunteer, non-profit, no-kill Kitty shelter. For more information or to make a donation, please visit their website at www.kittydreams.org

A special thank you to: The House of Dreams who had volunteers on site to answer questions and provide literature. Stereotypes Audio for providing the hot dogs, chips, fresh veggies (right from the garden) and Grill Master, Andy. The Lightbar for providing the beer and a delicious salad. To Nostrana for the use of their umbrellas and tables. And, to you, the wonderful friends and customers that donated to the cause.

VideoShootWe thought it would be fun to share some of the behind the scenes photos of our “How To” video shoot.

The first in the series was filmed here in the Porteco showroom one Saturday with some help from our friends; video production and editing by Feral Beagle LLC and staring the hands of Designer, Amber Trammell.

Thank you to all! Please stay tuned for the video launch…we will be posting here first!

Update: The video has been launched! Here is the link..enjoy!

The Dogs for Cats fundraiser BBQ was a great success! Everyone had a great time, good food, good beer and good people! Many thanks to Stereotypes Audio for supplying the dogs and grill master Andy. Thank you Nostrana for the use of your umbrellas, we would have roasted with the dogs if it wasn’t for them. The hit of the party was the beer bike from Metrofiets, bike and brew master Phil made sure everyone had cold beer to help battle the heat! Elizabeth from House of Dreams was on hand to answer questions and supply information on the kitty shelter. The donation tally hasn’t been finalized yet because some donations are still coming in, we will update you soon on the total. Thanks again to everyone, we had so much fun! Hmmm…maybe this should become an annual event?

9/25 Update: Just over $525 raised! Thank you to all who donated!!

Don’t you just love this photo by Cyan Design? Who wouldn’t want an outdoor floating bed, complete with colorful chandeliers and table lamp? Which chandelier is your favorite?

Yellow is a color that speaks to the future with hope and optimism.
Blue is a color that communicates constancy and also has calming properties.
Lighter tones of pink add softness, less austere. Trendier bright pinks are more modern in thought and spirit.
The color green is widely seen to symbolize new beginnings, fresh thoughts and rejuvenation.

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