About Chandeliers

How do I choose the right size chandelier?

You want the size of your chandelier to complement the room that it is in. Finding the right size chandelier for your room does not have to be a difficult task. There are simple formulas that can help you. Ultimately, use your own discretion and taste when it comes to the final decision about the chandelier’s size. Your opinion is the most important one.

Tip:  Keep in mind that a chandelier will look smaller as you hang it higher, you might want to add a few inches to the diameter for high ceilings or second story foyers. The reverse is true for low ceilings. Generally, you will want the bottom of chandelier to hang about 7 feet above the floor.

Can you tell me more about hanging in two story foyers?

Take into account windows or architectural accents, you may want your chandelier to center in the windows so it can be viewed from outside. If the second story looks down upon the room, the fixture should not hang below the second floor. Do your best to visualize the room and the chandelier together.

For installation in a walkway:

For centering in a window:

Based on the preceding measurements, the lowest point of the chandelier should rest is 110 inches. This is the overall height required to center in this window. Overall height (OAH) includes chandelier and suspension.

What if I am hanging the chandelier over a table?

First keep in mind your friends and family, if you have tall people, you may want to hang the chandelier a bit higher than the example given here. Temporarily hold the chandelier in place and have the tallest sit at the table and see what is comfortable for them.

Most often the chandelier size is chosen based on the size of the table. There are two methods used for choosing the diameter (width or length) of the chandelier. The first is the diameter of the chandelier should be half the width of the table. The second is the diameter should be 2-feet narrower than the table. Generally the chandelier should hang 32 to 36 inches above the table.

Tip:  Remember, when in doubt, it is always better to go a bit larger than smaller. A larger chandelier will look like you are making a statement with it. A chandelier that is too small will get lost in the space.

What should I do over a counter or sink?

When hanging over a counter, the fixture should not be lower than 69 inches. Again, keep in mind the tallest person in your family; you will want it to hang above eye level. Check local codes before installing over a sink or in a bath/powder room. Generally code prohibits fixtures being hung low enough for people to touch them when they have their hands in water. You may need to hang them a bit higher in those situations.

Do you have any suggestions for cleaning my chandelier?

That is a good question and depends on how many crystals, bobbles or beads (chandelier dressing) are on your chandelier. Here are some recommendations that apply to both casual and well dressed chandeliers.

Tip:  If your chandelier has crystals that are flat on one side, place the flat side out. While the tendency is to place the flat side in, the facet side needs to face the center so the light will refract through the crystal.