Halogen Light Bulbs

What is a halogen bulb?

A halogen bulb is an incandescent bulb with a tungsten filament that is surrounded by halogen gas and, often, is encased in a quartz envelope.

How do they work?

Halogen gas in the bulb mixes with vaporized tungsten from the filament and returns it to the filament before it settles on the outer bulb shell. As a result, the bulb stays clear, and the light remains consistent over the life of the bulb.

How does halogen differ from standard incandescent?

Halogen gas allows the filament to be operated at higher temperatures and higher efficacies resulting in better color temperatures and longer life cycles than standard incandescent.

Can I replace standard incandescent with halogen?

Yes, the new ECO halogen “A19” medium base light bulbs are an excellent replacement for incandescent and they are compliant with the EISA act. The ECO halogen bulbs are available in soft white or clear. Here is some comparison information:

Plus the Eco halogen are available in 3-way for lamps with 3-way switches:

Can halogen be dimmed?

Yes, they can be dimmed with the same dimmers that standard incandescent bulbs use. It is recommended to periodically run the bulbs at full power (inducing the tungsten-halogen cycle referred to above) to clean the tungsten off the bulb wall, enhancing the efficacy over time.

Are halogen bulbs safe?

Yes, halogen bulbs are very safe provided that you use some common sense and follow manufacturer instructions when handling.

Tips for handling halogen bulbs: